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So, you’ve finished a manuscript. Now what? Maybe you want to submit pages to an agent or editor, or enter it into a contest. You’ll want to make sure your work is in prime condition. Perhaps you are an indie author needing an extra set of eyes to make sure your masterpiece is ready for the world. Fact is, no matter where you are as an author in your career, there is an advantage to utilizing an unbiased, honest, constructive editing and critiquing service

Services and Rates

Trial Edits: $50 for the first 5,000 words.
This is our test drive. And it is required without recommendation.You get an opportunity to experience how I work, and I will be able to determine what type of edits will best fit your needs. Existing clients may forgo the Trial Edit upon agreement.

Developmental Edits: $.009 cents per word (subject to change after evaluation of work)
Comprehensive content edits on the meat of the manuscript. My focus is on all areas of improvement including:

  • Writing Mechanics (spelling, grammar, sentence structure)
  • Story Development / Plot
  • Goal, Motivation, Conflict
  • Punctuation
  • Hooks – beginning and ending
  • Characterization
  • Point-Of-View (head hopping)
  • Setting
  • Pacing
  • Show vs. Tell
  • Active vs. Passive
  • Dialogue
  • Narrative
  • Inconsistencies
  • Appropriateness of genre details
  • Overall impression of the story

Please understand that once developmental edits are complete that it does not mean a manuscript is ready for publication. In most cases, a manuscript undergoes a minimum 3 rounds of edits: developmental, line and copy edits. Once you have my comprehensive edits, I do not see what edits you’ve accepted or declined. Therefore, it is imperative to have the manuscript read again, either by me (or another editor) or a proofreader.

Line Edits: $.008 cents per word
Details, details. Here, I focus on the details, including, but not limited to continuity, logistics, fact-checking, etc. This is the “lite” version of the developmental edits. Line edits come after the heavy lifting of revisions are done.

Payments and Turn-around Times
All payments will be arranged through PayPal. Payment is due at time of service. Be aware a small service fee may apply. Returned work can range from two weeks to two months, depending on length of project, level of revision needs, and placement in queue. A time frame will be given at time of services billed

A few additional notes:

  • All prices are based on 250 standard words per page.
  • Manuscripts must be in 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one-inch margins.
  • I use Track Changes and mark directly on the manuscript.
  • As with any service business, conditions and services are subject to change. Let’s face it, the industry is in a constant state of flux.
  • Follow-up discussions up to 30 minutes are available upon request at no additional cost.
  • Additional reads are available at an extra cost.

That all important disclaimer
In agreeing to have an edit or critique done, you, the client, also agree that you are not obligated to make the changes or use suggestions that Jennifer advises. This is your work, and it is your decision whether to implement, adapt or disregard the recommendations. In addition, the client also releases Jennifer from any liability, copyright infringement, or legal obligation in relation to the services rendered.

Jennifer will do her best in making sure your manuscript is ready for submission depending on the level of the work’s readiness. However, she cannot guarantee that a manuscript will be contracted with a publisher or agent. Upon completion of the edit and/or critique, the author will have the tools, knowledge, and ability to submit polished work, increasing chances of acceptance. The landscape of the publishing industry is ever-changing. We’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times—write the best story you can. And then polish it until you have to shield your eyes from the shine.


If you’re not sure, read my article Are you ready for an editor? before submitting the form below. Also, please note that I am taking a limited number of new clients. I’m a busy girl! However, feel free to email me for updates. At any given time, that just might change.


What genres do you edit?
I edit most genres of romance, specializing in historical, erotic, and paranormal. I will take other forms of fiction on a case by case basis. I DO NOT edit Young Adult or Inspirational romance.

How do I know what type of edits I need?
By sending me the first 5,000 words for a Trial Edit, I can determine and recommend the level of edits that best fit your needs.

What if I’m not done with my manuscript? Will you edit partials?
No. Manuscripts should be complete before submitting to editors.


“Jennifer Bray-Weber has an excellent eye for details, story telling and the mechanics of writing. She offers a comprehensive line edit as well as a thorough look into the nitty-gritty details of your story to make sure that it is cohesive. I enjoy her style and approach. Her feedback was spot on and truly helped me enhance my story, drawing out my voice, without losing any of the creativity and uniqueness of the story. Additionally, she helped me immensely with historical wording (etymology). I can’t recommend her enough!” — Eliza Knight, best selling author

“I can’t thank Jennifer-Bray Weber enough for her editorial service. Her focus to details, comments, and guidance, made my writing sparkle. I am grateful for her expertise and would recommend her in a heartbeat.” — C.C. Wiley, historical romance author

“Jenn is my kind of editor, operating with a mix of professionalism and humor. I like that she’s a writer as well as an editor because, instead of just saying the story isn’t working (as editors often do), she can pinpoint the problem and offer suggestions. And she goes after typos like a hungry hawk after a plump mouse. I’ll be sending her more of my stories in the future.” — Nina Cordoba, Don’t Make Me Make You Brownies

“Jennifer Bray-Weber has an amazing eye for detail and provided spot-on guidance without jeopardizing my voice or story line. Her insightful comments and suggestions helped me think outside the box, hone in on my strengths and improve on weaknesses. Professional, efficient, encouraging and a joy to work with. Highly recommend!” — Melissa Ohnoutka, The Wicked Secrets Beneath

“When I was with a publisher, I worked with one of the best editors in the business. Jennifer Bray-Weber is every bit as good, uncovering everything from plot discrepancies to awkward phrasing. As an sexy romance author, I also appreciate that she’s unfazed by the content.” — Lyla Sinclair, Training Tessa

“Jennifer Bray-Weber has an eye for detail, yet doesn’t miss the forest for the trees. She edited a short story for me in a timely, professional manner with helpful comments that were easy to view. Her experience in both e-publishing and self-publishing gives her unique experience in editing that is sure to pay off for her customers.” — Liz Talley, SuperRomance Author

“Jennifer Bray-Weber is everything I want in an editor. She’s fast and thorough. But even better, she makes me sound good!” — Onne Andrews, Erotica Author

“As a first time novelist, my manuscript was a hot mess. I made every mistake in the book, except one. I knew I needed a great editor, and I chose Jennifer. She had her work cut out for her, but after two rounds of editing, my book got reviews that said things like ‘This book is so well-written it practically reads itself’. She really went the extra mile for me and my story. With competitive rates and a personal touch, I cannot recommend her editing services highly enough. — David Wesley, Science Fiction Adventure Author

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